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Our company was founded in 1963. Specialized in crown caps, plastic shutters and top discs fabrication for sparkling bottles.

Our Products


To guarantee a good fermentation of cava or champagne ensuring the sealing of the bottle. In 29mm and 26 mm.


Perfectly neutral and it does not alter the wine’s quality, preserving all its properties.


For celebrations, important events and collections






Our Quality

MANUFACTURAS ISART S.A. is continuously in evolution in order to improve our products, we want to guarantee our costumers confidence and satisfaction in their commands.

The innovation and progression in our machinery is a very important factor in our company. For that reason, we are always willing to find the best way to elaborate our products/investigating the best way to produce our products. Nowadays, all our products are controlled by video-cameras that will reject any anomaly.

Our products are made in MANUFACTURAS ISART S.A. The prime materials used for the production are studied by the Paris National Laboratoire , which ensures that all the materials used are proved and certified.

Manufactures Isart S.A. is certified for the Manufacture of crown caps and plastic obturators by ISO 22000:2018/TS 22002-4:2013 9 and FSSC 22000 (Version 5.1).

Certificate Nº FSSC 22000: 01 457 1916924
Certificate Nº ISO 22000: 01 154 1318425

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